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This page contains various resources that are relevant to the low income and first-generation college student experience. We hope that you find this helpful!

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On-Campus Resources

List of resources of available to Pomona students and Quest friendly point people to reach out to.  

Quest Advice

Quest Scholars at Pomona weigh in their perspectives about their college experiences by sharing advice on a variety of things.

Living at the Claremont Colleges on a Budget

A guide to making the most of Los Angeles and Claremont on a low income student's budget.

Shopping Guide
A guide to know what to buy in preparation for your arrival here, and how to get the best deals possible.
A Guide to SHIP
The Student Health Insurance Plan of the Claremont Colleges is one that many low-income students end up needing, but one of the most confusing processes about college. This is a guide to help you better understand your rights and what you're entitled to get. 
Work Study Reviews
Students at Pomona College review their work study options and describe their process in getting the position, as well as their task and responsibilities.
Financial Literacy
Quick Guide to Checking/Savings accounts, credit cards, and budgeting!
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