Other Initiatives

In addition to our committee system, we have several other initiatives led by Quest students!

Community Engagement


The Draper Center for Community Partnerships is the hub for community engagement on campus. Through off-campus and on-campus engagement opportunities, the Draper Center fosters mutually beneficial exchanges among community members, students, faculty, and staff. The Quest community works to maintain a strong relationship with the Draper Center in an effort to stay grounded in the communities we come from.


Check out some engagement opportunities below!



Quest Ambassadors


Quest Ambassadors are Quest Scholars (QuestBridge applicants who were admitted to and enrolled at partner schools), and are passionate about providing younger students with the same opportunities from which they benefited. As successful applicants and high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds, Quest Ambassadors are equipped with the knowledge and experience to inform younger students about QuestBridge programs, and we believe that they are our best spokespeople. Some of the ways they help include:


Ambassador Presentations

Throughout the year, Quest Ambassadors give presentations about QuestBridge at high schools, community centers, libraries, etc. in their hometowns or college location. Ambassadors often arrange presentations themselves, or someone can request a presentation from an Ambassador.


Calling Campaigns

During the College Prep Scholarship and National College Match application periods, Quest Ambassadors make phone calls to student applicants to explain the benefits of the program and encourage them to complete their applications.



Pomona FLI Scholars


170 E. 6th St. 

Mailbox 107

Claremont, CA 91711



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