Muhammad Jalal- President, Outreach Committee Leader


Class Year: 2016
Prospective Major: Public Policy Analysis- Biology or Molecular Biology
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan/Houston, TX/Glen Ellyn, IL

Why you chose Pomona: To make up for 18 relatively uneventful years through the uncharacteristic adventures and diversity of Pomona and the Los Angeles Area


Favorite Book: Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami 

Why you applied to be on a Quest committee this year: Our lives are like the scattering of seeds, and some destiny has brought us together to this Garden. As we settle in and look around at the blossomed spirits who have meandered through this place, we wonder of what we will become and of the path we will carve as the years pass by. There is something inherent to each of us that shapes who we will become, but just as important are the resources and growth that we obtain here. Just as important are our fellow peers and friends, who will help us withstand the harsh storms of reality.


The low income student is the desert bloom, the rarest and most beautiful of flowers. Born of a harsh reality, yet despite all circumstance, against days of potential discouragement and disillusionment, the low income student serves as a beacon of hope- a promise of beauty, potential, determination.


It’s easy for the farmer to think of the bigger picture, the net of his efforts, a beautiful kaleidoscope of the unsaid and the unexamined, but I believe there is something about each little patch which holds its own power and significance. I believe that more meaning can be found in the road to our becoming, not in the monuments of who we do become.


This is why I am proud to be on the Quest Executive Board. There is something magical and inspirational about being in this community of the brightest flowers of the garden, and of seeing how they have come to shine so bright and of how they continue to push upwards to greater visions and imaginings.

Pomona FLI Scholars


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