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Stay tuned for Money Matters Week 2019!

Money Matters Week highlights the need for class consciousness at the Claremont Colleges and beyond to combat the classism that manifests in everyday interactions, public policy, and historically exploitative systems. During Money Matters Week 2018, there will be a multitude of workshops, discussions, and opportunities to act around the issue of class and the obstacles that low-income, first-generation college students face across the country. This year Quest will be hosting Money Matters Week 2018 from February 19th through the 23rd. We invite you to attend as many events as you can. We will be hosting Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems (a party at Dom’s) at the end of the week. Please be on the lookout for flyers with more specific details on events throughout the week.


Quest is preparing for another year of Money Matters Week!!!

To start off, we are doing another round of the #MoneyMatters because... photo campaign! If you would like to learn more, check out last year's campaign:


Just like last year, you will complete the statement #MoneyMatters because... with a personal anecdote on why money matters to you. You have the option to include your face or remain anonymous by having the photo taken below your neck and only include the black board with your statement. Photos will be taken in the Quest Nest (SCC 216) between February 8th-11th, more details about times are on the google sheet.

Please sign up ASAP, it should only take 10-15 minutes of your time. Be on the lookout for more details on Money Matters Week!!!

Social Media Takeover!

profile pic template 1
profile pic template 2
profile pic template 3
profile pic template 4
profile pic template 5
Change your profile picture on Facebook with an overlay that promotes Money Matters Week and shows your support for low-income, first-generation college students at the Claremont Colleges! Follow these four simple steps to participate:
  1. Upload your desired Facebook profile picture to the google drive folder. (
  2. Label your profile picture as following: Name_Template (e.g. if I am submitting a picture and I want to use the first template, I would submit my picture as Julian_1).
  3. We will Facebook message you with your new profile picture soon after you submit.
  4. Change your profile picture and make sure to add a compelling caption about your low-income/first-gen experience at the Claremont Colleges and/or why Quest matters to you, and a message to attend Money Matters Week coming up on February 19 through February 23!

Money Matters Week Team

Off Campus Communications

Yazmin Meza

Renee Susanto

Malak Afaneh

Karla Ortiz

Logistics and
Event Planning

Jennifer Rufino

Marie Tano

Vivianna Plancarte

Cynthia Cuellar

Event Co-Chairs

Lizeth Ortega-Luna

Jennifer Rufino


Lizeth Ortega-Luna

Johny Ek Aban

Jorge Alcantara Martinez

Jenniluyn Nguyen

Art and

Julian Villasenor​

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