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Student Activism at Pomona College 

Student organizing at Pomona is an important way to get our needs met. With an increasing number of FLI students and students of marginalized backgrounds arriving on campus every year, we have found that our experiences are not reflected in policies designed to assure the success of all Pomona students. ways in which we organize vary year to year, but our goals remain the same: to promote equity and equality by dismantling racism and classism at Pomona College. 

To make sure that future and current students have access to the history of student mobilization at Pomona College, we have compiled an archive of student protests and movements happening on the Claremont Colleges from 2015 to 2019. 


No club or organization was the sole leader of these efforts. Rather, these movements were organized by a collective of students, specifically marginalized students. Most of these movements have received some form of faculty support. 

teach-in demands


2019 money matters




OF 2015

Student Worker

sit-IN 2019

We know that organizing occurred well before 2015 but these are the documents that we currently have available. Alumni or faculty who have been a part of the student mobilization efforts, if you would like to add to our archive, please email with ARCHIVE written in the subject line. We want to keep building our archive to create an institutional memory. 

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