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We provide a supportive and productive community for low income and first-generation students at Pomona College. We aim to stimulate conversation about our experiences at an elite institution, promote class consciousness, and create a safe, loving space for all of our chapter members. 

Our Journey 

Due to the underrepresentation of working-class backgrounds at elite institutions of higher education, FLI Scholars often find themselves caught in a world of difference.  Each FLI Scholar has a unique perspective, but ultimately, this college experience provides true growth.


FLI Scholars is one of the largest organizations at Pomona, with over 200 members hailing from all over the country and across the world. We are supported by the Dean of Students, the QuestBridge Scholars Network, the Associated Students of Pomona College, faculty, and staff. 

Our Opportunities

We have a robust student-run leadership structure and a comprehensive mentoring program. Our chapter activities include dinners, excursions, and workshops. Internships, summer funding, and additional support is provided by the Quest Network.

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